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Liquid Glucose


Liquid Glucose, also known as Glucose or Corn Syrup, is a highly concentrated solution of easily digestible sugar - maltose, d-glucose and polymers of d-glucose covering the entire spectrum of saccharides.
It is manufactured using the most modern method of enzymatic process. In this process of manufacture, start molecules are split specifically to achieve the desired level of sweetness, texture, viscosity, etc.

manufacturer of Liquid Glucose
L. Glucose is available in various grades as per the principle ingredient Dextrose Equivalent (DE) of : LC : DE 28 to 37

RC : DE 38 to 47

IC : DE 48 to 57

MC : DE 58 to 67

EHC : DE 68 and above


It is produced by the most modern double enzyme process, conforming to the international quality standards. Though the Dextrose Equivalent (DE) is the same as that of standards Glucose produced by the acid process, Liquid Glucose has a distinct sugar spectrum, and has a better crystallization inhibiting effect upon sucrose and less hygroscopicity.

Because of its moderate sweetness and other inherent properties,
Liquid Glucose is widely used in the food industry along with cane sugar in the recommend ratio of 1 : 2 or 1 : 4.


It finds an important place in the food industry because of inherent properties such as stabilization of moisture, softening ability, building of texture, prevention of crystallization of other sugars, and formation of film and body. Its moderate sweetness and nutritive value make it an ideal additive. It also forms the base of artificial honey.liquid glucose

Tobacco industry uses it to impart flavour, texture and stability in chewing tobacco and cigarettes. In the leather industry, Lit is used in the tanning process for pliability and to add body to leather. In shoe polish the addition of 5% to 10%, Liquid Glucose prevent it from caking and helps give a quicker and better shine.


A.    Food Industry

1.     Confectionery : To control crystallization, body, appearance, sweetness and osmotic pressure.  (i) Fondant making (ii) Hard candies (iii) In Jams, Jellies, Preserves.
2.     Bakery Products : It supplies fermentable Carbohydrate on which the yeast may grow and provide Carbon Dioxide for 'raising' the product. It lends flavour and surface colour.
    Ice Creams, Ice Milks, Sherbets : Liquid Glucose provides better 'Melt Down' characteristics, prevents crystallization, improves 'Body' and 'Mouth feel' and provides balance and sweetness. There is no undesirable taste and glucose can easily replace more ingredients such as non - fat milk solids.

B.    Brewing Industry

1.     As a substitute for sugar.

C.    Raw Material

1.     For Gluconic Acid, Kojic Acid, Citric Acid.

D.    Tanneries

1.     It is used in the tanning process in the leather industry as a weighting material, and for pliability.

E.     Shoe Polish

1.     The addition of 5 % to 10 % Liquid Glucose prevents it from caking and also helps give a better and quicker shine.

F.   Medicines 

1.     Liquid Glucose is a valuable vehicle for cough syrups and other Vitamin based tonics. It also forms the base of artificial honey. It may also be used as a granulating agent and for tablet coating.

 F.   Other Uses

1.     Adhesives : To improve stability.

2.     Concrete : As a setting Retardant.

3.     Air Fresheners : As a humectant.

4.     Colognes & Perfumes : For Evaporation Control.


• Physical Appearance: A colorless or slightly yellowish, refined and concentrated odorless syrup, with a characteristic sweet taste.
• Moisture content, Per cent by weight : 13 to 15
• Total solids, Per cent Min. : 85

• Sulphate Ash, Per cent Max. : 0.3
• PH of Solution at 25oC : 4.8 to 5.5
• Dextrose Equivalent (DE), Per cent Min : 40 to 45
• Sulphur Dioxide, ppm, Max : 400
• Arsenic, ppm, Max. : 1.00
• Copper, ppm, Max. : 5.00
• Lead ppm, Max. : 2.00

*DE can be adjusted as required by the customer


Characteristics :

1.     Important functional properties of it include high fermentability, viscosity, humectancy, hygroscopicity, sweetness, colligative properties and participation in the browning reaction.

2.     Viscosity is inversely related to the D.E of Liquid Glucose. D.E plays an important role in determining certain properties of Liquid Glucose. e.g Flavour enhancement, Freezing point depression, and osmotic pressure all of which increase with increasing D.E. while properties such as body contribution, cohesiveness, foam stabilization, and prevention of sugar crystallization increase with decreasing D.E

3.   Liquid Glucose is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

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